Double Amputee ‘Maced’ By Cops at Columbus Protest

A shocking video shows the aftermath of an alleged attack where a double amputee got “maced” by Ohio police.

Sunday on Twitter, social media user Laurenn McCubbin said her husband went to a protest in downtown Columbus and allegedly saw cops “hit & mace” the man, and then proceed to “steal his prosthetic legs.”

“This kid, who was doing nothing but exercising his 1st amendment rights, was knocked over, maced, and had to flee from the cops ON HIS HANDS, to find medical help,” McCubbin added.

According to McCubbin, protesters begged authorities for the man’s legs back, but they allegedly refused. When demonstrators rushed the cops — and got maced in the process — they were able to get the legs back.

In the video, Good Samaritans tend to the injured man and try to clean his eyes with water.

“Medic! Medic!” one bystander exclaimed in an attempt to get the man proper medical care.

According to journalist Eric Halperin of NBC4, the Columbus demonstrations were initially peaceful until a protester allegedly threw a rental scooter at police.

Columbus Police Sgt. James Fuqua says officers attempted to take that protester into custody, but other demonstrators allegedly physically tried to restrain the officers from arresting the suspect.

Fuqua said pepper spray was deployed, but only after officers showed “maximum restraint.”

Cops were also seen on video pushing protesters off the street with their bikes.

While Fuqua acknowledges that many protesters obeyed the police’s request to stay on the sidewalks, he says many did not, and went back into the streets and grabbed officers’ bicycles.

“They came with a clear agenda to make sure we would not be able to keep the street clear for everyone’s safety,” Fuqua added.

Though Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther issued an order on June 16 banning tear gas and limiting the use of pepper spray against demonstrators, he appeared to justify the actions of the police, saying Sunday on Twitter that officers “were met with violence from some and took action.”

However, on Monday, Ginther responded to the video of the injured amputee, saying he and his team are “taking the matter very seriously and working diligently to find video, photos, and additional information.”

Ginther also encourages protesters to report any incidents where they believe “police acted inappropriately.”


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