White Woman Uses N-Word Against Black Woman in Shocking Viral Video

In a heated video posted by Twitter user @Hitman1600 on Wednesday, a white woman uses the N-word more than once during a disagreement with a Black woman in a convenience store in Sacramento, California.

In the gone-viral video, the white woman and the Black woman are first seen getting into a verbal argument.

While it is unclear what exactly prompted the confrontation, it appears the two women passed each other in one of the storeโ€™s aisles.

"All I said was, 'Excuse me!...' I said, 'Excuse me!'" the white woman declares.

The Black woman then says, "I said, 'Excuse me,' and you got hella rude with me. You got hella rude with me. All I did was walk past you. All I did was walk past you. You started talking about your Black husband. I donโ€™t give a ---- about your Black husband."

The white woman then appears to suggest that the Black woman was overreacting to her saying, "Excuse me," as if that was the equivalent of saying the N-word... and she uses the N-word in her analogy!

This then prompts the Black woman to throw an item at the white woman.

"Call me a ------ again. Call me a ------ again!... Say ------ again!" the black woman says.

When the white woman does use the racial slur again, the two get into a physical confrontation.

After the video went viral, the Twitter user who posted the video said on Thursday morning that he spoke with the Black woman's partner โ€” reportedly identified as Tyree Green โ€” and claimed Green told him that she had been arrested following the altercation.

However, Green later went on Facebook on Thursday and clarified, writing, "NO ARREST HAVE BEEN MADE ONGOING INVESTIGATION YOU DONT HAVE TO SEND ANYTHING! But if you seen the recent news due too the viral 'Karen' video please ... We're tryna raise money , for Legal Fees & Attorney's for my girl freind a GoFundMe is being made thank you #BLACKLIVESMATTER."


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