‘Sacramento Karen’ Files Police Report After Using N-Word Against Black Woman

A white woman who was seen on video getting into an altercation with a Black woman after using the N-word has filed a police report.

On Thursday, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department confirmed to TMZ that they responded to a call of two females fighting at a 7-Eleven on June 22.

When authorities arrived at the scene, the white woman — dubbed “Sacramento Karen” by social media users — was being treated by medical professionals for minor injuries, but the Black woman had left.

Reportedly, the white woman took responsibility for her part in the fight and declined to file a report. The next day, however, the woman contacted police and decided to file a complaint.

The sheriff’s office said no suspect had been identified, charged, or arrested as of Thursday afternoon.

On Thursday, Twitter user @Hitman1600 — who posted footage of the confrontation — posted a video where the Black woman from the incident reportedly confirms she has not been incarcerated, nor have charges been brought against her.

The woman also denies ownership of any GoFundMe or crowdfunding page tied to her name.

In the shocking video, the white woman and the Black woman get into a fight after it appears they passed each other in the convenience store.

“All I said was, ‘Excuse me!...’ I said, ‘Excuse me!’” the white woman declares.

“I said, ‘Excuse me,’ and you got hella rude with me. You got hella rude with me. All I did was walk past you. All I did was walk past you. You started talking about your Black husband. I don’t give a ---- about your Black husband,” the Black woman replies.

When the white woman appears to suggest that the Black woman overreacted to the situation, the white woman wrongfully uses the N-word in an analogy.

After throwing an item at the white woman, the Black woman exclaims, “Call me a ------ again. Call me a ------ again!... Say ------ again!”

The white woman says the racial slur again, prompting the two to get into a physical fight.


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