‘QAnon Karen’ Goes Ballistic at Target Store in Arizona!

An Arizona woman who claims to be a spokesperson for the far-right conspiracy theory group QAnon films herself destroying property at a Target near Scottsdale.

In a shocking clip that has circulated around social media over the weekend, the woman — reportedly identified by the New York Post as Melissa Rein Lively — sees a display of face masks and angrily knocks them down.

“So, Target, I’m not playing anymore ------- games. This ---- is ------- over,” the woman, dubbed “QAnon Karen” by social media users, exclaims in the video.

When the woman is approached by employees, she appears to insinuate that she is being discriminated against because she is a “blonde white woman.”

“Why? You let everybody else do it,” she is heard telling staffers. “I can’t do it because I’m a blonde white woman?... That’s wearing a ------- $40,000 Rolex.”

In another self-shot video, the woman appears to be at her garage, where she is surrounded by police officers who appear to arrest her.

Before they do so, she tells them that she is a spokesperson for both QAnon and the White House but is unable to tell authorities “classified information” because they do not have clearance.

“Call Donald Trump and ask him if you believe me,” the woman tells the cops.

“Do you have [Donald Trump’s] phone number?” an officer asks her.

“Do I have his phone number? I’m on the phone with him all time. I’m ------- wired,” she replies.

After the cops instruct her to put her phone down and appear to arrest her, she yells out, “You’re doing this to me ’cause I’m Jewish! This is a Nazi ------- game.”

Per the New York Post, Lively runs a public relations company in Scottsdale.

QAnon, which stemmed from an October 2017 4chan post, is a conspiracy theory that believes an alleged U.S. hidden government is plotting against President Donald Trump and his supporters.


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