Video of Pennsylvania Cop Pinning Knee on Man’s Neck Prompts Investigation

The Lehigh County District Attorney’s Office is investigating an incident caught on camera in which a Pennsylvania police officer is seen pinning his knee on a man’s neck.

In the clip posted to Facebook over the weekend, three cops are seen restraining a man, who appears to be Black, outside of a hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

At one point, one of the cops, who appears to be white, pins his knee on the man’s neck — in a similar fashion to the way white ex-cop Derek Chauvin pinned his knee of the neck of George Floyd hours before Floyd’s death on the night of May 25.

Here is the full video!!!! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Posted by Kay Siah Marie on Sunday, July 12, 2020

The video, however, does not show what prompted the confrontation between the man and the three cops.

After the shocking footage was reposted to the Facebook page of Black Lives Matter to Lehigh Valley, the organization shared a list of demands that stipulates the officers involved be suspended pending an external investigation, and that body cam footage of the incident be released.

The video that has now been shared at the national level was scary, alarming, and reduced trust not only for the...

Posted by Black Lives Matter to Lehigh Valley on Sunday, July 12, 2020

On Saturday night, demonstrators took to the streets of Allentown to denounce the police’s actions.

In a statement released Sunday, Chief of Police Glenn Granitz said Allentown Police Department officers were outside the hospital on Saturday for “an unrelated matter.”

The three cops then “observed a male outside who was vomiting and staggering in the street, eventually stopping in the driveway of the Emergency Room.”

After the male “began to yell, scream, and spit at the officers and hospital staff,” the officers “attempted to restrain the individual,” prompting “all parties [to fall] to the ground.”

“The individual continued to be noncompliant which required officers to restrain the individual and the hospital applied a spit shield,” the statement read.

The male was then treated at the hospital and was eventually released.

Granitz says the Lehigh County D.A. is reviewing the matter, and that the APD has launched an internal investigation into the officer’s “use of force.”

The review is not expected to be completed until later this week.

Since Floyd’s death, Chauvin has been fired from his job and charged with second degree manslaughter, second degree murder, and third degree murder.


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