Tyler Perry Donates 1,000 Gift Cards with Help from Atlanta Police

Tyler Perry continues to give back to the city of Atlanta.

Per People on Thursday, the writer/producer/director/actor gave out 1,000 Kroger gift cards to Atlanta citizens with help from officers at the Atlanta Police Department.

“This is about the community that I love, that I live in and work in,” the founder of Tyler Perry Studios said in a statement. “This is about good people who are in need of a hand up, not a handout.”

In regard to the officers who went door to door to hand out the gift cards, Perry continued, “This is about the good police officers who do their job well every day, some of which are my personal friends. This is about trying to bridge unity in a city that adopted me and held me up high enough to reach my own branch on the tree of success.”

The 50-year-old added, “I love Atlanta and its people!”

Last month, People reported that Perry donated a brand-new cargo van to Project U First, a nonprofit that provides hygiene products to those in need.

“Mr. Perry what you do for the community is truly amazing! May God continue to bless you and keep you in perfect peace,” Erica Wright, the founder of the charity, wrote on Facebook.

In April, Perry left a $21,000 tip to the waitstaff at the West Paces location of Houston’s Restaurant, and paid for the groceries of elderly shoppers at 44 Kroger stores in Atlanta, as well as 29 Winn-Dixie stores in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.

In June, Perry offered to pay for the funeral of Rayshard Brooks — who was fatally shot on June 12 by white police officer Garrett Rolfe — and for the college educations of Brooks’ four surviving children: Dream, 1, Memory, 2, Blessing, 8, and Mekai, 13. (Rolfe’s attorneys have argued that the now-ex-cop acted in self-defense.)

Earlier this month, People reported that media mogul offered to pay for the funeral of Secoriea Turner, an 8-year-old girl who was fatally shot on July 4 near the site of Brooks’ death.


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