White Adult Actor Caught on Video Shouting N-Word in NYC

A white man identified as adult actor Joe O’Brien was filmed saying the N-word on the Upper East Side in New York.

In a video posted to YouTube and to the Twitter account of city council candidate Anthony Beckford on Sunday, O’Brien is seen shouting the slur from his silver 2009 Pontiac Vibe.

According to the YouTube user as well as blog The Gaily Grind, O’Brien used the racial epithet against a Black sanitation worker who he felt was blocking his car.

“Hey, yo, it’d be smart to get out of the middle of the street -------. ------- ------,” O’Brien is heard yelling from his vehicle.

O’Brien is then seen getting into an argument with a passerby who films the incident. Video from another angle reveals that O’Brien then got out of his car and successfully snatched the passerby’s phone, throwing it to the ground.

“Racist on the Upper East Side. Find out who this racist person is and let us hold them accountable. This and any other act of racism will NOT be tolerated. As City Council Member of #District45, I will be holding these racists accountable,” Beckford, who is also the president and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Brooklyn, wrote on his Twitter page.

While tagging the Twitter accounts of New York officials, Beckford added, “this racist trash does not get a pass at all. Uses the n-word, then assaults the person video taping and destroys property.”

After the video went viral, numerous outlets identified the driver as O’Brien, using a tattoo on his hand as reference.

O’Brien was then revealed to be a gay pornographic film actor who went by the stage name “Dustin Gold.”

On Tuesday, Helix Studios, the studio that had employed O’Brien as an exclusive model, announced they have fired him due to the incident. They also noted that he has not worked with the studio since 2014 — and is not welcome back.

That same day, TMZ reported that the New York Police Department is aware of the video and is trying to locate the precinct where it was filmed. Authorities say a victim has not come forward to formally file a report.


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