Couple Attacked by ‘White Lives Matter’ Taunt and Nazi Salute in Torrance

A white man and woman were caught on video abusing a couple of color in Torrance, California.

This week, Instagram user @izzeee.e posted a shocking video where she and her boyfriend, who she says is Black, were victims of racism on Wednesday, the day of her 25th birthday.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Sgt. Alexander Martinez says the incident happened near Artesia Boulevard and Prairie Avenue at about 10:30 p.m. that night.

Per the social media user, a white man and woman in a white pickup truck “harassed” them for miles until both parties came to a red light.

As seen in the clip, the white woman stands outside of the couple’s car, gives them both of her middle fingers, and yells, “White lives matter, -----.”

“Only white lives matter, -----,” the white woman yells again as she walks back to her truck.

The white man then gets out of his truck and appears to give the couple the Nazi salute.

After the white woman exits the truck again to film the couple’s car, the white man grabs what appears to be a gardening tool from the back of his truck and uses it to damage the couple’s vehicle.

Fortunately, the couple was able to drive away before more damage was inflicted.

“We ended up getting away from there. We got there license plate. Please share! This happened in Torrance CA. LICENSE PLATE: 51922T2,” the social media user wrote on her page.

Thursday on Twitter, the Torrance Police Department released a statement saying they are aware of the video and are in communication with one of the victims. Officials say the incident is currently under investigation.

That day, Martinez told CBS Los Angeles that the incident is being investigated as a hate crime. The sergeant also told the outlet that the victims’ races were not immediately confirmed.


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