Taylor Swift Donates Over $30K to ‘Young Black 18-Year-Old with a Dream’
Getty Images/GoFundMe

Taylor Swift supports a future college student whose dream is to become a mathematician.

On Thursday, the “Cardigan” singer donated £23,373 (approximately $30,840.67) to 18-year-old Vitoria Mario’s GoFundMe — whose aim is to fund her tuition for the University of Warwick.

“Vitoria, I came across your story online and am so inspired by your drive and dedication to turning your dreams into reality,” the pop star wrote. “I want to gift you the rest of your goal amount. Good luck with everything you do! Love, Taylor.”

With Swift’s generous contribution, Mario — who describes herself as a “young Black 18 year old with a dream” — met her goal of raising £40,000 (around $52,547).

Per the page, Mario — who moved from Portugal to Tottenham, London, England, in 2016 — said she was unable to secure college loans.

“The socio-economic barriers of not being eligible for maintenance loans/grants is due not only to not having ‘Home’ status, but also because my family are low income, and unable to help me self-fund through university,” she explained.

“Sadly, my father has passed away, and my mother remains in Portugal. Moving away from her was a challenge but it was a sacrifice worth being made, in my family’s eyes,” Mario continued.

Despite these challenges, Mario received high marks at Brampton Manor Academy and is determined to pursue a career in mathematics.

“My dream of becoming a Mathematician is not only a chance at social mobility for my family and I, but to inspire people who have been in similar positions to aspire to be the best version of themselves and strive for their dreams despite gender/racial inequality, immigration issues and financial barriers,” she wrote.

Mario says she will use the money for accommodations, equipment (such as a laptop and textbooks), and living costs.

Last week, she proudly announced that her spot at the University of Warwick has been confirmed.

Congratulations, Vitoria!


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