‘Very Happy’ Trevor Noah & Minka Kelly Are Dating!
The Real/Instagram

Looks like there’s a hot new couple in Hollywood.

On Monday, a source told People that Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly are dating, and apparently, things are getting “very serious.”

"They're very happy," the insider told the outlet. "It's a very serious relationship."

Additionally, a source told “E! News” that the two have been seeing each other for "several months,” and that the actress has been living with the comedian in New York City.

The “Parenthood” alum previously dated “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams from the summer of 2017 to January 2018.

The host of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” was previously in a relationship with Jordyn Taylor, though it is unclear when they split.

In an August interview with The Los Angeles Times, Noah spoke about how his Comedy Central show has evolved due to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the worldwide protests against systemic racism.

“I came to realize the show during this time has no rules. The show will be what it needs to be on the day. We’re trying to create as much as we can with what we have. And we’re also trying to create a show that’s as honest as it can be,” he told the newspaper.

Despite the current political climate, Noah believes there is still room for comedy in our present world.

“I believe in the importance of jokes. I will never lose that. I always tell people, ‘Jokes are what made me. That’s how I see the world.’ But maybe because the show has more time [after expanding its running time from 30 minutes to 45], I no longer have to choose between ‘Joke’ and ‘What I want to say.’”


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