‘The Voice’ Contestant Gives Boyfriend Her Kidney

Myracle Holloway, who appeared on Season 17 of “The Voice,” has given boyfriend JaMarr “Stitch” Nance her kidney.

In an interview with The Shade Room on Tuesday, the singer explained that she met the fashion designer through a mutual friend while she was competing on the singing competition show.

“I met him over the phone through a mutual friend of ours named Mark Bush while I was on Season 17 of ‘The Voice,’” she explained. “Stitch is a fashion designer so we were connecting so he could help me with my wardrobe. I was in L.A. at the time and Stitch was in Chicago.”

Though she did not know about Stitch’s health issues, Holloway could feel his “pain and hurt.”

After another phone conversation, in which Holloway revealed the emotional reason behind her musical pursuits, Stitch flew her to Chicago to help with her wardrobe.

“After our last phone convo before flying out there, I immediately heard God internally say, ‘I’m supposed to do something for him,’” she recounted.

While in Chicago, Stitch finally told Holloway about his kidney problems. Despite hesitation from friends and family, and the fact that the two were not yet a couple, Holloway felt compelled to give Stitch her kidney once she wrapped “The Voice.”

“Then when I got to Chicago, he tells me about his kidney. I was like, ‘That’s what I’m supposed to do, give him my kidney after I finish on the show.’ We weren’t together yet, but our friendship turned into a love relationship,” she said. “I told him I would still give him my kidney even if we didn’t work out because I have to be obedient to what God is telling me… Everybody from my friends to [my] family thought I was insane, but I tuned them out.”

After eight months of testing, Holloway was given the OK to be Stitch’s donor.

Earlier this week, the two successfully completed a kidney transplant at UIC Hospital in Chicago. A mere day after the surgery, Stitch says his kidney “is almost normal.”

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I've been wkn at about 60% for a few yrs now with very limited use of my legs. A few months ago my kidney was operating at only 8%, I cldnt get outta of the bed b/c my muscles were soo tight, lost almost 30ibs...I knew i was getn close to the end. I had to start dialysis immediately, so 3 days wk @ 5a I had to go for treatment. I never complained or asked God why me, I jst continued to use my gifts n help others with theirs. The support frm my family & friends has been amazing, so I jst wanted to publicly thx you all for the prayers b/c ur priceless fr. To my clients, I'm sorry if I cldnt come thru how I typically wld but quietly, I've been fighting for my life. Yesterday I had a kidney transplant and as of today my kidney is almost normal thx to @myracleholloway 😇🙌🏽🙏🏽 Myracle....I dunno how to thx u for giving me a kidney but imma start by giving you my heart, I love you❣

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On Tuesday, Holloway posted a touching video where she sings to Stitch in a medical room right before she is discharged.

The Shade Room reports that on Tuesday, Holloway and Stitch are set to marry at the hospital.


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