In Celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month, Real Fam!

From September 15 to October 15, the United States is dedicating a month to honor the contributions and achievements of the Hispanic community from all facets of society.

The celebration began as National Hispanic Heritage Week, when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the bill into law in 1968.

Decades later, in 1988, the week was expanded into a month after it was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan.

September 15 was chosen as the starting point because it is the anniversary of independence for five Hispanic countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, all of whom declared independence in 1821.

Additionally, Mexico, Chile, and Belize celebrate their independence days on September 16, September 18, and September 21, respectively.

On September 14, 1989, President George H. W. Bush recognized National Hispanic Heritage Month in Presidential Proclamation 6021.

Earlier this week, Google celebrated the Latinx community by releasing a Google Doodle of civil rights pioneer and business owner Felicitas Mendez.

Mendez famously sued the Westminster, California, school district after her children were refused enrollment because of their skin color.

In 1946, a federal district court ruled that school districts were violating Mexican-American citizens' rights and ruled in favor of Mendez and other parents.

“The Real” would like to honor Mendez, as well as the entire Hispanic community for their vast contributions to our world.


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