Tyler James Williams Celebrates the 15th Anniversary of ‘Everybody Hates Chris’!

Tyler James Williams, who played the title character in the popular sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris,” is celebrating the program’s 15-year anniversary.

Tuesday on Twitter, the actor paid homage to the comedy based on the teenage experiences of comedian Chris Rock.

“15 years ago, this little show premiered on a network that no longer exists,” Williams wrote, referencing that the show premiered on UPN in 2005, and moved to The CW the next year.

“It kickstarted my and several other careers of very talented people. I’m forever grateful for that,” he added.

In honor of the hilarious series, Williams shared facts about the show, which ran for four seasons until 2009.

While noting that the program’s child actors “could only work 9.5 hours” a day, Williams revealed that it was the first show Imani Hakim, who played Tonya, ever auditioned for.

“'Everybody Hates Chris’ was Imani Hakim’ first audition. Very rarely does this happen first time out the gate. It speaks to how great and naturally built for this she is,” he said. “She’s currently on ‘Mythic Quest’ on Apple+ with some other very talented people. You should check it out.”

Though the show was set in New York, it was actually filmed at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

“Fun fact: none of the series was filmed in New York. Although they cast a kid from New York (was still living [there] at the time) for the lead it was all shot at Paramount Studios in LA,” he revealed. “That’s why you see the outside of the family house in so many other shows and music videos.”

He also addressed the possibility of a reboot, writing, “Its been a convo before but the interesting hiccup & blessing is that everyone in this photo is very busy. All work regularly, in a variety of different mediums, genres, networks [etc.]. We’ll keep trying but I’m proud of our scheduling issue.”

Terry Crews (Julius) currently stars on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and hosts “America’s Got Talent,” Tichina Arnold (Rochelle) stars in “The Neighborhood,” Tequan Richmond (Drew) appeared on “General Hospital” until 2018, and Vincent Martella (Greg Wuliger) voices the character of Phineas Flynn for Disney television shows and movies.

Williams appeared on an episode of “A Black Lady Sketch Show” last year and Rock, who co-created and narrated the show, is set to star in the upcoming fourth season of FX’s “Fargo.”


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