LaKeith Stanfield Under Fire for Criticizing Kamala Harris’ Hair in VP Debate

LaKeith Stanfield is feeling the wrath of social media after he made comments about Senator Kamala Harris’ hair in her debate against Vice President Mike Pence.

Wednesday on Instagram, the “Atlanta” actor posted (and deleted) a still from the vice presidential debate, along with the comment, “I don’t like her hair, but other than that this is better than the last one but still sad.”

After one Instagram user took issue with Stanfield’s post — writing, “No need to use your voice for her looks, you have a powerful voice, use it wisely — the “Sorry to Bother You” star responded in defense.

“I say what I want on my page,” he wrote back. “Where are all you warriors of power when I post about the things that I believe in and support? You won’t pressure me into speaking how YOU think I should speak.”

When a different commenter told him, “don’t speak on a woman’s looks,” Stanfield clapped back, saying, “what? Just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean I have to like her hair ---.”

After Stanfield’s controversial comments went viral, an overwhelming number of social media users voiced their disapproval.

“What her hair have to do with her debate?” wrote an Instagram user.

“She’s killing this debate and he wants to talk about her hair?” said a commenter.

“Out of all the comments he makes it’s about her appearance?? Get your priorities straight Sir!!” another added.

Following the drama, Stanfield posted and then deleted a throwback video where he expressed love for Black women.

At the vice presidential debate, Harris and Pence — who sat a dozen feet apart, separated by plexiglass — sparred on a number of topics, including the economy, the Supreme Court, and the coronavirus pandemic.

At one point in the 90-minute event, a fly sat on top of Pence’s head and rested there for around 2 minutes.

If Harris is elected, along with running mate Joe Biden, she would become the nation’s first female, first Black, and first Asian American vice president.


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