Sarah Jeffery Says Original ‘Charmed’ Stars Should Be ‘Embarrassed’ After Criticizing Reboot

Sarah Jeffery — one of the stars of the “Charmed” reboot — is clapping back at Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs, who appeared in the original WB show about sister witches.

Recently Combs, who appeared on the original show since Season 1, and McGowan, who joined in Season 4, were seen on video commenting about Netflix’s decision to remove the show from the streaming service.

That’s when McGowan said the reboot “sucks” before admitting that she has never seen it. Though Combs did not say anything negative about the revival, she is seen laughing.

“But I’m happy people have jobs. But it can still suck,” McGowan added.

After their video circulated around social media, Jeffery responded to it on Monday, writing on Twitter, “You know, I saw this earlier and I refrained from saying anything. I thought, better to just let them shout into the abyss. But I do want to say, I find it sad and quite frankly pathetic to see grown women behaving this way.”

“I truly hope they find happiness elsewhere, and not in the form of putting down other WOC. I would be embarrassed to behave this way,” she continued. “Peace and love to y’all.”

Jeffery also posted a gif of Glinda from “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” that read: “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”

Of course, this is not the first time the stars of the original “Charmed” have bashed the newer version.

Back in 2018, Combs tweeted that she felt the new cast and crew were “capitalizing on our hard work.”

“Until you ask us to rewrite it like [showrunner] Brad Kern did weekly don’t even think of capitalizing on our hard work,” she said. “‘Charmed’ belongs to the 4 of us, our vast amount of writers, crews, and predominantly the fans. FYI you will not fool them by owning a title/stamp. So bye.”

“I will never understand what is fierce, funny, or feminist in creating a show that basically says the original actresses are too old to do a job they did 12 years ago,” Combs wrote in another tweet, referencing the CW’s description of the reboot as “fierce, funny, feminist.”

In August 2018, “Charmed” OG Alyssa Milano told “Entertainment Tonight” that she wished the new crew “would have come to us and we would have been involved since the beginning.”

However, Milano hopes that the revival “reaches the newer generation and impacts that generation the way ours was able to do for its generation.”

Per “E! News,” Jeffery and her co-stars are in the middle of filming the third season, which is expected to premiere in 2021.


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