All of Jeannie’s ‘DWTS’ Dances Thus Far!

Our beloved Jeannie continues to tear up the “Dancing with the Stars” dance floor!

Last month, it was announced that Ms. Mai would be a contestant on Season 29 of the popular dance competition series.

Since her first appearance, Jeannie and her wonderful dance partner Brandon Armstrong have won America over with their charm, chemistry, and choreography!

Despite the intense competition, Jeannie and Brandon have made it to the fifth round and have yet to be in the bottom two.

Ch-ch-check out ALL of Jeannie’s performances thus far!


In their very first dance, Jeannie and Brandon did the salsa to Taylor Dane’s “Tell It to My Heart” while wearing fabulous neon outfits.

Later on Instagram, Jeannie explained the song’s emotional meaning, revealing that she “listened to [it] overrrr and over again when I drove to LA every week to start my career...with a tape deck connected to my cd player.”

She added. “The song made me feel like I was unstoppable, so it was special to see it get me here today.”

Well done, you two!


In Week 2 of the competition, Jeannie and Brandon did the cha-cha to “Roses (Imanbek Remix)” by SAINt JHN.

While Jeannie dazzled in a sparkly purple dress, Brandon looked dapper in a sophisticated gray suit.

Viennese Waltz

For Week 3, aka Disney Night, Jeannie and Brandon performed the Viennese waltz while reenacting the emotional opening montage from the 2009 animated film “Up.”

Set to the tune of “Married Life” by Michael Giacchino, Brandon and Jeannie danced with hundreds of helium balloons — just like in the movie!

Afterward, Brandon appeared on “The Real,” where he revealed that he was “surprised” he and Jeannie hit it off so quick.

“I feel like I can get along with anybody, but when Jeannie walked in, I was a little nervous,” he dished. “She’s a big personality… [Jeannie] could be intimidating!”

Fortunately, everything worked out in the end!


In Week 4, Jeannie and Brandon — officially in the Top 13 — performed the tango to The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.”

Though Jeannie and Brandon scored three 7’s, Loni thought the two should have been awarded three 10’s!

“I was mad at the score… This was the best dance in my opinion that you have done, Jeannie,” Loni exclaimed. “It was the best dance I’ve seen you do. Seriously. It was great. You were focused, you were on point.”

Jeannie later admitted it was “the hardest dance” because “it really is about emotion.”

“I naturally am very chipper and positive. I’m always gonna look for the positive in everything,” she explained. “All week, Brandon was just picking at me, my partner, to get that angst out.”


Makin’ Madge proud!

In Week 5, aka ’80s Night, Jeannie channeled her inner “Material Girl” when she and Brandon did a jazz number to Madonna’s iconic tune “Like a Virgin.”

At one point during their impressive routine, Brandon spun Jeannie around in the air!

“Um yea so what if my partner wasn’t alive in the 80’s,” Jeannie wrote on Instagram. “We gon show you what Mai childhood was like TONIGHT.”

Best of luck to Jeannie and Brandon during the remainder of the competition! You guys are KILLIN’ IT!


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