‘Naked and Afraid’ Star Arrested for Voyeurism

“Naked and Afraid” star Brandon Pope has been arrested and charged with voyeurism.

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that the Arkansas native, whose full name is David Brandon Pope, allegedly spied on a teenage family member who was taking a bath in his house.

Law enforcement sources told the outlet that someone inside the house called authorities, who later arrested the Discovery personality.

Deputies also told Southwest Arkansas Radio that alleged videos of a nude female teenager in a bathroom were found on the 42-year-old’s cellphone.

When officials went to the residence where the videos were taken, they allegedly discovered a hole drilled under the doorknob of the bathroom door that appears to be the angle from where the videos were taken.

Per jail records, Pope was booked on October 7 at 8:33 p.m. for his alleged crimes.

Southwest Arkansas Radio reports that Howard County authorities charged Pope with two felony counts of video voyeurism.

Pope’s bail was set at $50,000 and he currently remains behind bars at Howard County Detention Center.

In April, Pope appeared on the 11th season of “Naked and Afraid,” where he was one of the survivalists competing in the “frigid Bulgarian mountains.”

TMZ says he allegedly accidentally started an “out of control” fire that quickly spread across the mountainside. Reportedly, producers had to intervene to restore order.

Pope also appeared in the 2017 show “Darkness” about a group of survivalists who get trapped inside caves, abandoned mines, and underground convolutions for up to a week.


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