White Man Wearing Burger King Crown Unleashes Racist Rant on Flight

A white man wearing a paper crown from Burger King was caught on video repeatedly yelling the N-word on a Tuesday night JetBlue flight from Kingston, Jamaica, to New York.

According to The Den on Thursday, the situation reportedly began when the man boarded the cabin and was told by a flight attendant to refrain from opening the full overhead compartments.

Reportedly, the man had a conversation with a flight attendant that caused him to become irate.

When the man arrived at what he believed was his seat, he got into another argument with a Black woman, seated in front, over the alleged seat mix-up.

In a shocking video posted by Twitter user @KING__MEKA, which appears to have been shot in the seats in front of the man, the man says a woman “kneed me in the stomach” and demands that flight personnel call the cops.

He then proceeds to justify saying the N-word because is “part West African.”

“I can say ------ anytime I want!” the man screams.

“Kick that ------ ----- off the plane,” he says in another Twitter video posted by @KING__MEKA.

In a Facebook video posted by user Junior Campbell, a Black woman who may be the woman from the seat mix-up gets into an argument with the man.

“I will whip your ass! Do you understand? I will whip your ass. ---- you! You cracker! How about that?” she says.

In another video posted by The Den, a fellow passenger wearing a blue shirt appears to punch the man. A woman wearing a navy track jacket also appears to try to get physical with the man.

In another video posted by Junior Campbell, the man is seen being escorted off the plane by Jamaican officials as nearby travelers applaud.

Per The Den, the man was expected to leave Jamaica on Thursday.

TMZ reports it is unclear if the man, or any other passenger, was charged with a crime.


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