Celebs React to Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation to the Supreme Court

Celebrities are speaking out on Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

On Monday evening, the conservative appeals court judge became the 115th justice on the Court after the Senate voted 52-48 in favor of her confirmation.

Per The New York Times, the 48-year-old is the first justice to be confirmed without support from a single member of the minority party. Barrett is also one of the youngest people to join the Court, and only the fifth woman.

"My fellow Americans, even though we judges don't face elections, we still work for you. It is your Constitution that establishes the rule of law and the judicial independence that is so central to it," Barrett said in a Monday-evening speech at the White House.

"The oath that I have solemnly taken tonight means at its core that I will do my job without any fear or favor, and that I will do so independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences."

After news broke, a number of celebrities voiced their disapproval, given Barrett’s controversial past writings.

Though Barrett is a socially conservative Catholic who has spoken out about her personal opposition to abortion, she says she will judge cases based on the law and not on her personal or religious views.

Writer Roxane Gay took a shot at Barrett’s work experience, which many have criticized as being sparse.

Actress and comedian Sandra Bernhard believes Barrett will be “controlled by her religious dogma” and will make decisions that will hurt women’s reproductive rights, as well as same-sex marriage.

On a similar note, Cher believes Barrett will “vote down” the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. The SCOTUS is expected to hear arguments in a case on that issue one week after the November 3 election.

Rob Reiner slammed Barrett for attending “a campaign event for a disgraceful desperate Sociopath,” which appears to be in reference to Barrett posing with President Donald Trump on the Truman Balcony.

Bette Midler brought up the report that, per the Associated Press, Barrett served as a trustee of several private Christian schools that did not welcome students of same-sex parents, gay teachers, or transgender people. (School officials told the AP that Barrett was not directly involved in the formation of the anti-gay policy.)

On Tuesday morning, Barrett officially began her tenure on the Supreme Court after she recited the judicial oath in a ceremony administered by Chief Justice John Roberts.


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