Caitlyn Jenner Slammed for Alleged ‘Blackface’ Halloween Costume

Caitlyn Jenner is receiving heat for wearing a Halloween costume that many believe is “blackface.”

Sunday on Instagram, the “I Am Cait” star posted her outfit from daughter Kendall Jenner’s Halloween-themed 25th birthday party at Harriet's Rooftop at the 1 Hotel in West Hollywood.

Though the Olympian said she was dressing up as “SkelaTina,” many felt that her costume — which included black-and-white makeup and bright red lipstick — was an example of “blackface.”

Social media users wrote:

“Not her acting like this isn’t blackface.”

“this is literal blackface??”

“What in the blackface is going on here?!”

However, others defended Caitlyn, saying she was dressed up as a skeleton, and was not trying to resemble a Black person.

“This is not ‘Blackface.’ Dressing up as a skeleton isn’t impersonating black persons. It is literally just white, and black with a little bit of red lipstick to spice it up. I don’t see how this makeup look is ‘black face,’” one Instagram user wrote.

“The fact people think this is blackface,” another said.

One Instagram user said they don’t believe Caitlyn’s controversial makeup “was done on purpose” but noted that “the similarities with this look and black face are [too] close for comfort.”

As of this writing, Caitlyn has yet to respond to the controversy.

In addition to her father’s costume, Kendall received heat for throwing a party amid the pandemic. Not many guests appeared to wear masks or engaged in social distancing.

One Twitter user posted an alleged pic from the party that told guests not to post photos on social media.

Despite the backlash, “Entertainment Tonight” reported on Sunday that employees and party guests were required to take a rapid COVID-19 test on site before entering the venue.

In addition to Caitlyn, guests included Justin Bieber, Scott Disick, Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, Jaden Smith, Paris Hilton, Justine Skye, Quavo, Winnie Harlow and Saweetie.


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