Celebrities Are Opening Up About Their Election Day Anxiety

Members of the Hollywood community are discussing their Election Day jitters as the 2020 presidential race hangs in the balance!

On Tuesday, celebrities like Common and Josh Gad opened up about their anxiety on who will become the next president: former Vice President Joe Biden or incumbent President Donald Trump.

Actresses Elizabeth Banks and Sarah Cooper revealed that they indulged in their favorite treats while awaiting the results.

Other celebs, such as John Cho and Padma Lakshmi, used humor to quell their nerves.

To help cope with the stress, our very own Loni — who has been open about practicing meditation — recommends breathing exercises, and even posted one on her Instagram page.

As of this writing, no presidential candidate has been declared the winner, as many outlets say the race is too close to call.

On Wednesday, Biden campaign senior adviser Anita Dunn told reporters they are confident that the Democrat will receive the requisite 270 electoral votes to win the election.

"I think that at the end of the day we always said that the goal was to get 270 electoral votes, and we feel very confident that after the vote’s been counted, that’s where the vote is going to be: above 270. And that’s how you win the presidency," Dunn was quoted saying via CNN.

When asked if Biden would declare victory even if all the states' results had not yet been called, Dunn answered, "If we feel comfortable that he has 270 electoral votes, yeah."


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