Tyga Accused of Damaging House and Not Paying Rent!

Tyga has a bone to pick with a very angry landlord!

On Thursday, TMZ reported that the “Rack City” rapper has been sued by his landlord, who claims the MC missed $32,000 in rent payments and has severely damaged the property.

Per the outlet, the musician rented the residence for about a year and moved out in April.

According to court documents, the landlord claims that Tyga left gouges in the kitchen’s white oak flooring (resulting in $27,650 worth of damages), wrecked the marble flooring and counters ($15,575), and destroyed the walls with murals and wallpaper ($103,160.25).

The landlord also claims that the 30-year-old — without permission — installed a basketball hoop that damaged the driveway, and new locks that destroyed the entry door.

While the landlord claims he tried to settle their beef in May through mediation, he alleges Tyga still refused to pay up.

In addition to wanting more than $200K in damages, the landlord is suing for breach of contract.

On Thursday, Tyga took to Instagram Story to deny the allegations about him destroying the property.

While posting videos, which may or may not be from the place in question, he wrote, “WHERE THE DAMAGE,” “PEOPLE GOTTA STOP W THE LIES,” “LOOKS NICE TO ME,” and “DON’T PLAY YOURSELF.”

Tyga's IG Story Tyga's IG Story Tyga's IG Story Tyga's IG Story

When The Shade Room reported on the story — specifically about the alleged unpaid $32K in rent — Tyga wrote in the comments section, “32K?? This so [cap].

Additionally, The Shade Room posted a supposed recommendation letter from the landlord, describing Tyga as an outstanding renter!

“The compound is in great condition, if not better, than when he moved in,” the alleged letter read.

The outlet adds that Tyga “believes that the landlord is trying to receive more money from him since a potential buyer for the home backed out during the process.”

On Monday, Tyga made fun of the drama by posting a video of himself lying with a bevy of women wearing swimsuits.

“They said I can’t pay my rent......Guess I’ll just sleep outside,” he joked.


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