Cardi B Defends Being Named Billboard’s Woman of the Year

Cardi B wants you to put some respect on her name!

On Wednesday, Billboard announced that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper will be named Woman of the Year at the magazine’s Women in Music event on December 10.

“In a year unlike any other, Cardi B has continued to thrive with her Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper ‘WAP,’ a brand-new Reebok collection and her political activism,” the publication wrote in their announcement.

Unfortunately, some criticized the MC’s title, as they felt she only had “one hit” in 2020.

(In addition to releasing “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi was also featured on Anitta’s song “Me Gusta” alongside Myke Towers.)

In an Instagram video posted Wednesday, Cardi defended the honor against her “crybaby” haters.

“For you crybabies like, ‘What? She only got one song.’ Yeah, I got THAT song, -----. You know, the one that sold the most, the one that streamed the most... The one that had your grandma popping her ----- on TikTok,” she said.

Just as Billboard highlighted, Cardi went on to discuss her activism in the 2020 presidential election.

“Using my money, my own money, to meet up with these candidates like Bernie [Sanders]. Flying out, tired after shows. Yeah, that’s me, -----,” she added. “I represent America. OK. And I wanted a change and that’s exactly what the ---- I did... I’m just that -----. Eat it up with a spoon.”

Controversy aside, the 28-year-old also took this opportunity to thank fans for their unwavering support.

“Thank you BARDIGANG with out y’all encouraging while the world was against me and criticizing every move I wouldn’t have gotten here everyday and use my voice for a change,” she wrote.

You tell ’em, girl!


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