THIS Fashion Designer Got Engaged at 75!

It’s never too late to find love, Real Fam!

In an Instagram Live conversation with The WIE Suite founder Dee Poku on Thursday, fashion designer Norma Kamali, 75, revealed she recently got engaged to partner Marty Edelman!

During her chat, the designer, best known for her Sleeping Bag coat, said she is “so happy” to be walking down the aisle at her age despite what others may think.

“We all have our own calendar. We all have a different timeline of when things are supposed to happen,” the icon explained.

Kamali also revealed that 50 years ago, an astrologer told her she would meet her soulmate later in life.

“My astrologer in 1970 told me, she said, ‘Oh this is what’s gonna happen in your career and when you’re 65 you’ll meet your soulmate.’ I said ‘Oh, no no no. No, you’re wrong,’“ she recounted.

However, the astrologer turned out to be right, at “65, I met my soulmate” and “at 75, I’m getting married.”

“Through COVID, we really spent so much time together so he proposed on my birthday, so we’re getting married,” she said about her June proposal, adding, “For me, I can’t even perceive age.”

Watch the full interview, below!


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