RILEY Is Engaged to Boyfriend Desean Black!

RILEY will soon become Mrs. Desean Black!

On Monday, the “Glee” alum revealed on Instagram that she got engaged to her loving boyfriend!

While posting a beautiful photo shot by photographer Alfredo Flores, the actress wrote, “There was a time when I thought I didn’t want or deserve this kind of love. I’m looking at a man who changed my mind.”

“My time by myself, loving on myself, getting comfortable with myself, prepared me for you, and prepared me for this. I am so proud to say, I am the future Mrs. Black,” the singer continued. “I love you @deseanblack_official and I thank you for your patience, your friendship, and your partnership!”

Not to be outdone, Desean also posted the cute photo on his IG, writing, “Fellas, when a woman looks at you like this, it’s a clear indication that you’re doing the right thing. Now, when she delivers unconditional love that you’ve never experienced, it’s another clear indication that you’ve found the one.”

“Only a fool would let someone as special as this slip away,” he added. “So I did what any wise man would do and put a ring 💍 on it. I love you to pieces @msamberpriley, or should I say the future Mrs. Black.”

In October, RILEY revealed that she and her man began dating after she slid into his DMs!

After she wrote to him, “Hi Desean, how are you,” he responded, “Hey beautiful I’m doing great and you???”

The next month, she appeared on our show and explained to Loni, Garcelle, Adrienne, and Jeannie why she made the first move.

“I mean he’s fine. Obviously the first thing you do, you know, you see somebody and you like, ‘Oh, he’s really cute!’ I went to his page and followed him,” she said.

“The thing that really got me about him that got me to slide in his DMs initially is his captions and he has some stuff in his highlights where he’s talking about… self-love and self-care and all that kind of stuff,” she continued. “And those are the things that I’m about, so I was like, ‘Oh my god, he’s intelligent also and he’s not like, you know, a bonehead. He’s got a good head on his shoulders!’”

Congratulations to RILEY and Desean on their engagement!


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