Yummy Recipes Featured on ‘The Real’!

Get ready to chow down, Real Fam!

Throughout its seven seasons, “The Real” has featured a number of cooking segments that demonstrate delicious dishes you can make in your very own kitchen.

From Jeannie’s easy cucumber salad to Adrienne’s unique fruit punch and tuna sandwich, our co-hosts have recipes that satisfy every taste bud imaginable!

See some of our favorites, below:

Katie Chin’s Famous Pineapple Fried Rice

In 2016, celebrity chef Katie Chin visited our show and cooked her Famous Pineapple Fried Rice.

The sweet and savory dish features white rice, eggs, mushrooms, and shrimp!

Chef Chin also suggests that you can use tofu if you are vegan or vegetarian.

Joseline Hernandez’s Mofongo with White Rice and Red Beans!

In 2017, guest co-host Joseline Hernandez shared one of her favorite dishes that she calls “one of the most tasteful Puerto Rican dishes ever.”

After frying up some green plantains, she puts them in a mortar with pork rinds and garlic, and mashes it up with a pestle.

All that’s left is to form the mofongo into a ball, and then serve it with rice and beans.

Kickin’ Kiwi Mojito

We didn’t forget about the booze, Real Fam!

Last year, our very own Loni whipped up a yummy cocktail that features fresh kiwi, limes, and mint, as well as simple syrup and rum.

Check out the full recipe HERE!

Adrienne’s Fruit Punch and Tuna Sandwich

WARNING: This recipe is NOT for the faint at heart!

Last year, Ade surprised Tam and Jeannie by mixing salty plain tuna (that’s not fishy) with fruit punch. Though some might consider this to be a weird food combination, Jeannie was surprised by how “refreshing” it was!

Ade then kicked it up a notch by spreading the tuna on Hawaiian bread and then dipping the sandwich into a glass of punch.

Would YOU make this at home?

Jeannie’s Easy Cucumber Salad

Last but not least, we couldn’t leave out Jeannie’s easy cucumber salad, which went viral earlier this year during the quarantine.

After chopping up some cucumbers, Jeannie mixes them with sesame- or ginger-based dressing, roasted sesame seeds, cayenne pepper, hot sesame oil, salt, and pepper.

Once the cucumber gets dressed, Jeannie sprinkles on some Tajín Clásico seasoning (a blend of mild chili peppers, lime, and sea salt), a squeeze of lime juice, and more roasted sesame seeds.

Bon appétit, y’all!


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