Comedian Passes Away After Documenting COVID-19 Experience

Los Angeles-based comedian Joe Luna has passed away after documenting his battle with COVID-19.

According to his GoFundMe page, Luna lost his battle with the coronavirus on November 23.

Days before, on November 21, Luna — who said he was diabetic — revealed he had tested positive for the illness and was suffering from “chest pains” and “pneumonia.” He also claims that he contracted COVID-19 from “close contact,” not from “going out and performing.”

That same day, Luna posted a video where he opened up about his various symptoms, including stomachaches, uncontrollable shaking, and the loss of his sense of taste.

“Let me tell you, man, when I would hear people talk about what COVID did to them, I always thought to myself, man, you know what, I doubted it was that bad,” he said. “I’ll tell you guys right now, I’ve been put in a fight. I’ve been fighting for my life.

“I’m a double amputee and I’m a diabetic, so I’m dealing with a lot,” he continued.

Though his GoFundMe page says Luna “[fought] hard after [losing] both legs to stay ok,” it is unclear whether this is related to his COVID-19 diagnosis.

In the clip, Luna says his children and girlfriend also contracted the coronavirus, but that their symptoms were not as severe.

In early November, Luna posted a photo of himself in what appears to be a stretcher, revealing he had to be revived by paramedics.

“I had to get CPR [and] then the paramedics had to inject my heart to revive me,” he wrote. “How long was I dead for not sure but I got too see my grampa I got a hug from him before the paramedics woke me up.”

It is also unclear whether this incident is related to Luna’s coronavirus battle.

On Saturday, December 5, an open viewing funeral will be held for Luna at the Continental Funeral Home in Los Angeles. Per a message on his Instagram, the memorial will be held “outside in the funeral home parking lot” and will require all guests to wear masks.

As of this writing, Luna’s GoFundMe page to cover funeral costs has raised $4,665 out of its $5,000 goal.

Our condolences go out to Joe’s family and loved ones for their loss.


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