Kamala Harris Confirms How Husband Doug Emhoff Will Be Addressed!

Introducing… the second gentleman!

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris confirmed how husband Doug Emhoff will be formally addressed.

“Is he the second gentleman, is [he] the second dude?” Tapper asked, adding, “What should we be calling him?”

“Well, I think that the term has evolved into the ‘second gentleman,’” Harris replied.

When Tapper commented, “I like second dude, but I will defer,” Harris noted, “I think some of his friends are inclined to say that.”

However, when asked if she will call him “the second gentleman,” Harris said with a laugh, “No, I’ll call him honey.”

Prior to President-elect Joe Biden and Harris’ victory over incumbent President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, Emhoff told People in October he will not serve a role in his wife’s “kitchen cabinet” of advisers.

“I’m her husband, that’s it,” Emhoff said.

“She’s got plenty of great people giving her political advice,” he continued. “I’m her partner, I’m her best friend, and I’m her husband. And that’s what I’m here for. I’m here to have her back.”

As reported by The New York Times in November, a Biden transition team official said Emhoff, a lawyer, has decided to permanently leave his law firm.

Over the weekend, Biden and Harris announced that their incoming White House senior communications team will be composed entirely of women.

Notably, Symone Sanders, a senior adviser to Biden on his campaign, will serve as the senior adviser and chief spokeswoman for Harris, while Ashley Etienne, a former senior adviser to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, will serve as the communications director for the incoming vice president.

In a statement, Harris — who will become the country’s first female, as well as first Black and Asian-American vice president — described the new communications team as “experienced, talented, and barrier-shattering.”

“Our country is facing unprecedented challenges — from the coronavirus pandemic to the economic crisis to the climate crisis, and a long-overdue reckoning over racial injustice. To overcome these challenges, we need to communicate clearly, honestly, and transparently with the American people, and this experienced, talented, and barrier-shattering team will help us do that,” she said. “These communications professionals express our commitment to building a White House that reflects the very best of our nation.”

Come next year, the Times reports that Harris and Emhoff will move into the vice president’s residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.


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