THIS Victoria’s Secret Model Gave Birth to a Baby Girl!

Romee Strijd’s baby girl is picture-perfect!

Friday on Instagram, the Victoria’s Secret model announced that she and longtime love Laurens van Leeuwen welcomed their first child together.

Introducing… Mint van Leeuwen!

“feeling so blessed to finally hold you in my arms,” the catwalk star captioned an adorable photo of her breastfeeding her bundle of joy. “We are so in love with you!!”

In May, the fashion star announced she was expecting, and opened up about her tumultuous pregnancy journey.

“2 years ago I got diagnosed with PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome] after not getting my period for 7 years. I was devastated because being a mom and starting a family with @laurensvleeuwen is my biggest dream..,” she wrote at the time.

PCOS, a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age, causes enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges.

After doing research, Strijd came to the conclusion that her condition “was not the typical PCOS.”

“Mine was because of my body being in fight or flight mode.. which means my body was under constant stress. I never felt mentally super stressed so it was hard to understand this, but my life consisted of travelling all the time (no biorhythm), working out every day, eating super clean (restricting foods),” she explained.

“I think I pressured my body too much, and honestly every body is so different but I think my weight was not good for my body to function properly and couldn’t handle the constant traveling.”

After she researched natural treatments for PCOS, she began doing less intense exercises and began eating a less restrictive diet.

“I also tried some natural supplements, acupuncture and we got a place back in the Netherlands as well, so we could spend more time with Family (since im such a family person),” she added.

Eventually, Strijd got her period back last November and was able to get pregnant.

“To the women trying to conceive, believe in yourself and be nice for yourself and your body and don’t let those thoughts get to you to much,” she wrote.

In June, the couple shared they were expecting a girl.

Congrats to Romee and Laurens on their wonderful baby news!


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