‘Today’s’ Bobbi Thomas Mourns Death of Husband Michael

Bobbi Thomas reveals that her husband Michael Marion has died at age 42.

In an emotional Instagram post published Sunday, the “Today” contributor announced her husband’s death while sharing photos of him at what appears to be a hospital.

“Nothing is normal. Maybe nothing will ever be normal again. For me, it won’t. My husband is gone,” the style editor wrote.

In her moving message, Bobbi urges her followers to appreciate every moment they have with loved ones as “some of our forevers are much too short.”

“With all the fear, anger, and division going on in the world right now, it’s so easy to get upset about the lack of normalcy. But I beg you, everyone reading this, hold onto what you do have right now instead of focusing on what you don’t,” she wrote. “One thing we all have is kindness. Absorb it, extend it, exhaust it. Because in the end, the ONLY thing that matters is love.”

“As I type through tears, I embrace gratitude... holding our precious [5-year-old] son Miles and memories, of the time I did have with Michael, closer to my broken heart. Thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown us and our families. Please go hug the people you love.”

In a statement released Monday, Bobbi explained that Michael was hospitalized “due to problems involving several organ systems.”

While Bobbi previously revealed that Michael suffered an ischemic stroke in April 2019, she made clear that his hospitalization had nothing to do with this or COVID-19.

"Michael worked hard to recover from his stroke and had made such progress that he was making plans to return to work," she said. "He landed in the hospital due to problems involving several organ systems, separate from his stroke of 18 months ago, and unrelated to Covid-19."

Bobbi also remembered her husband as a loving man who was “brave beyond my comprehension.”

"He brought so much compassion, patience, understanding and stability to my life, and taught me more about love than I could ever put to words," she said. "He was sensitive and silly, yet so stoic, and brave beyond my comprehension.”

"I will be forever grateful for the time I had with him. He was so worth it. I only wish people could have been more intimately aware of how worth it he was and why I would do it all again and again without a second thought. He was a rare, devoted force of unconditional love in my life who made me feel so loved, so beautiful, and unequivocally supported."

Bobbi gave birth to Miles, who weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz. and measured 20.5 inches long, in July 2015.

Before Miles’ arrival, Bobbi had been open about her battle with infertility, and her journey with in vitro fertilization.

Our condolences go out to Bobbi, Miles, and their loved ones for their loss.


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