Man Allegedly Stabs Teen Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Because Store Ran Out of Flavor
Janice Yu/Twitter

An Atlanta man was caught on video allegedly stabbing a teenage Dunkin’ Donuts employee after the store ran out of his preferred doughnut type.

In a shocking video posted to Twitter by Fox 5 Atlanta reporter Janice Yu, a man appears to strike a female employee with a sharp-looking object inside of the coffee and doughnut eatery.

Per Fox 5, employees say a man and a woman ordered food via the drive-thru but then came back a short time later and entered the store.

Union City Police say a customer was upset because the store was out of the doughnut he wanted.

“They both engaged in a physical dispute between each other and once that happened, then he of course pulled out a knife,” Union City Police Officer Jerome Turner told the outlet.

Fox 5 says the teenage staffer was stabbed in the upper arm but is expected to be OK.

TMZ adds that the suspect reportedly left in a red Audi with a female passenger before police arrived.

Though the alleged incident was not fatal, Turner says people should avoid confrontations with upset individuals whenever possible.

“We deal with them every day. Allow us to come and address the customer and utilize our training and allow us to deescalate the situation so that it doesn’t happen like it did here,” Turner said.

Turner also says he and his department “want to identify who the subject is” to circumvent possible future events of violence.

“We just don’t want him showing up at another Dunkin’ Donuts or any other business or anywhere in public and having the temper where he can make this kind of an assault,” Turner added.

On Tuesday, Union City Police released a picture of the man in question and are asking residents to come forward if they have any information.


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