Twista Apologizes for Posting ‘Disrespectful’ Meme with Gabourey Sidibe’s Photo

Twista has issued an apology after he posted a meme featuring Gabourey Sidibe’s photo that many social media users have deemed “disrespectful.”

This week, the rapper shared an image on Instagram asking his followers to choose between two fictional women.

While using the “Precious” star’s photo, “Woman A” owns her house and car, has a 401(k), and makes $30 an hour.

While using model Bernice Burgos’ photo, “Woman B” has no job and no car, has 12,000 followers on Instagram, and has three children with three different fathers.

After the photo went viral, many slammed the meme as offensive.

“This is honestly so disrespectful,” one IG user wrote.

“What was the need,” a commenter said.

“Body shaming,” another added.

When Sidibe received word, she clapped back on Twista’s post, writing, “Wow. I um…gee. @twistagmg I only like you as a rapper I forgot about in 2005. But good luck with option B!.”

In a statement provided to The Shade Room on Tuesday, Twista apologized for the post, which he says was a reshare from Facebook.

“My apologies to anyone that took offense to it,” he said. “I was traveling most of the day when I saw the mistake, I immediately had it taken down.”

He adds that he doesn’t know Sidibe directly “but my sincere apologies to her.”

Last month, Sidibe revealed that she got engaged to boyfriend Brandon Tour!

“My BFF proposed and now I get to hold him forever. The funniest man I’ve ever met. The sweetest human to exist,” she said, adding, “My partner, my best friend, my cats’ daddy, my mans, my heart, my fiancé!!!”


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