Furry Friends of ‘The Real’!

Give a warm welcome to the furry friends of “The Real”!

Throughout our seven seasons, we’ve had the pleasure of cuddling up to some of the cutest creatures in the animal kingdom.

From Loni riding a horse to Jack Hanna bringing out clouded leopards, we can’t get enough of these adorable animals!

Check out these clips, below!

Loni Rides a Horse!

Back in 2013, Loni overcame her fear of horses and actually rode one on our stage.

Though she was initially hesitant, she got on and channeled her inner cowgirl!

“Whoa, Nelly!” Loni exclaimed.

Jack Hanna Stops By!

In 2016, famed wildlife expert Jack Hanna appeared on our show and brought a number of his furry friends.

During his segment, the zookeeper brought out two clouded leopards from Southeast Asia, a binturong from Malaysia that smelled like “buttered popcorn,” and a fennec fox with the most gorgeous ears!

The binturong took a particular liking to Loni and even climbed on her head!

The Latest in Pet Fashion!

Who says dogs don’t like luxury?

Back in 2014, we did a segment about high-end pet accessories, and boy, we were blown away by some of the products!

Among the items we showcased include the Pet Gear Clip-On High Chair, the dogPACER Treadmill, and the iFetch, which electronically plays your dog’s favorite game.

Time to go shopping, pet owners!

The Mystery of the Rat!

Is there a RAT on the set of “The Real”??

Back in September 2015, one extremely observant viewer believed they saw “a big mouse or rat” run across the floor as the ladies walked out to their chairs.

After the story went viral, we immediately launched an investigation into this mystery mouse!

From our findings, we determined that the supposed creature wasn’t a rat, but rather a shadow from one of our girls.

Case closed, Real Fam!


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