In Celebration of Our Theme Song!

After seven seasons, we STILL can’t get enough of our theme song!

At the beginning of every episode, our ladies head to the Girl Chat table to the tune of “This Is Our Time”!

Throughout our 1,000-plus shows, the song has been covered by other artists, danced to by our Real Fam, and even used to quiz our very own hosts!

To celebrate our theme song, ch-ch-check out these clips, below!

Olivia Kay Covers ‘This Is Our Time’!

Back in 2014, the insanely talented Olivia Kay covered our theme song and wowed the audience with her powerhouse vocals.

Our girls, including Loni, Adrienne, and Jeannie, couldn’t help but bust a move!

An Audience Member Sings Our Theme Song!

That same year, we challenged one of our audience members to sing our theme song to win $100!

While the fan didn’t quite know all the words, we still gave our Real Fam member the money!

Adrienne Sings Our Theme Song While Spinning a Hula-Hoop on Her Neck!

Is there anything Ade can’t do??

In 2015, during our “Twitter Dares” segment, one fan dared Adrienne to sing “The Real’s” theme song while spinning a Hula-Hoop around her neck.

Our girl not only accepted the dare, she sounded amazing doing it!

How Well Do the Hosts Know Their Own Theme Song?

We all know the beginning of the song (“This is our tiiiiiime!”) but what are the other lyrics??

In 2017, as part of a special Girl Chat, guest co-host Kandi Burruss randomly drew a topic that tested our hosts’ knowledge of their theme song.

Which host knew the most words?? WATCH ABOVE to find out!

The Staff of ‘The Real’ Parties to the Theme Song!

In 2015, we at “The Real” starred in our very own music video, set to the tune of “This Is Our Time”!

Shot at the Warner Bros. studio, we jammed out to the song in our production office — and we even choregraphed a dance!

Real Fam, if you want to learn every word to our theme song, click HERE!


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