The Best Dance Moments on ‘The Real’!

Go on with your bad selves, Real Fam!

As all of you know, the ladies of “The Real” love to dance — whether to the Girl Chat table OR with a celebrity guest!

From salsa lessons with Debbie Allen to a “Cheetah Girls” dance-off, our girls love to show off their best moves!

Check out our best dance moments, below!

Derek Hough Dances the ‘Cucaracha’!

Leave it to “Dancing with the Stars” champion-turned-host Derek Hough to teach us a sexy dance move!

During a 2017 appearance, the handsome dancer taught the ladies how to do the “cucaracha,” which he says can be used in samba, cha-cha, and rumba routines.

“It’s just a figure eight with your hips,” he instructed.

Derek particularly impressed Loni, who appeared to enjoy his sensual choreography!

Salsa Lessons with Debbie Allen!

The legend herself, Debbie Allen!

In a 2017 episode, the iconic “Fame” star taught our girls how to do the salsa.

“Two, one-two,” the actress/choreographer/director counted as she showed off her impressive footwork.

Though it’s not typically part of the dance, Debbie and Loni ended the salsa with a twerk-off!

WATCH, above!

Cheetahlicious Dance-Off!

On a 2015 episode, Adrienne reunited with her “Cheetah Girls” group member Raven-Symoné and the two had a friendly but competitive dance-off!

While Raven did a ferocious Cabbage Patch dance, Ade did a flirty robot!

Once a Cheetah, always a Cheetah!

Adrienne & Israel’s First Dance!

Throughout our seven seasons, the hosts of “The Real” have given fans an inside look at their personal lives.

Such was the case in 2016 when fans watched footage of Adrienne and Israel’s Parisian wedding, including their first dance.

After Loni did the introduction, the newly married couple joined hands and danced in front of their closest friends and family.

Toward the end of the romantic routine, Ade and Iz embraced for a romantic kiss. So sweet!

Jeannie’s Chicken Dance!

Before doing her thang on “Dancing with the Stars,” Jeannie showed off her moves on “The Real”!

Back in 2014, one of our fans dared Ms. Mai to do the chicken dance across the stage.

Taking it one step further, Ade insisted that Jeannie do the dance while wearing a chicken suit!

Needless to say, our girl took on the dare and absolutely killed it!

Go Jeannie! It’s your birthday! Go Jeannie! It’s your birthday!


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