Holiday Cheer on ‘The Real’!

’Tis the season to be jolly!

As you all know, we at “The Real” love the holidays because we get to eat, drink, and be merry with our closest friends and loved ones.

It also means we get to produce fun segments where we can connect with our Real fam and spread some much-needed holiday cheer.

See some of our favorite moments, below!

Ugly Sweater Contest!

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a good old ugly sweater contest!

Back in 2015, our hosts held a competition on who could pull off the tackiest holiday-themed jumper imaginable.

“I’m about to go reindeer on your asses!” Jeannie exclaimed.

In a segment hosted by Dr. Drew, our girls walked down the runway showing off their best Christmas couture!

Strike a pose, ladies!

Holiday Truth or Dare!

This is the ultimate game to play with your quarantine buddies!

In 2018, our girls played “Holiday Truth or Dare,” where they either answered a question truthfully or performed a dare.

Jeannie was assigned a “truth” and was asked if she’s ever regifted a present someone gave her.

To hear her answer, watch ABOVE!

Holiday Hunger Hotline!

We all love to chow down during the holidays, but sometimes you want foods that are healthier for your body.

Back in 2015, we did a segment called “Holiday Hunger Hotline,” where we suggested alternatives to your favorite festive dishes.

Instead of cornbread stuffing, try cranberry apple cornbread stuffing! Have a craving for pasta mac and cheese? Why not try cauliflower mac and cheese?!

“That’s really good!” Adrienne said.

Secret Santa!

Open your presents, ladies!

During a 2014 episode, our girls played Secret Santa, where they each randomly drew a name and surprised that person with a holiday gift.

Adrienne drew Jeannie and initially got her a gift card, which Jeannie absolutely hated! Fortunately, Ade was just joking and actually got our girl a chia seed cookbook!

To see the other gifts, watch ABOVE!

Spreading Holiday Cheer at the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission!

As we all know, the holidays aren’t about receiving; they’re about giving.

In December 2014, our hosts visited the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, an organization dedicated to providing services to homeless families.

Sadly, months before, the shelter had experienced a devastating fire in which many lost valuable possessions.

When the mission was rebuilt, Loni and Jeannie visited the beautiful center and brought over furniture and festive decorations.

Our ladies then surprised the families with gifts for both the children AND adults!

WATCH the touching clip, above!


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