Chloe x Halle Launch Solo Instagram Accounts After 9 Years

Chloe and Halle Bailey have launched separate Instagram accounts!

Last week, the R&B sisters, known as Chloe x Halle, announced the big change after sharing a joint account for nine years.

Despite this, the two emphasize that they’re very much “still together.”

“Still an ocean even when we are two seas,” they wrote in the caption.

After launching solo accounts, the two “Grown-ish” stars immediately began posting content.

Last Friday, Halle shared a video in which she sings a song expressing her thoughts that night.

“My thoughts on a friday night,” she captioned the musical clip, “got through a long but great week and felt like singing tonight.”

Also last week, Chloe went viral when she did her version of the “Buss It” challenge, where celebs begin the clip wearing average, everyday clothes, and then start twerking to Erica Banks’ song in full glam.

In a June interview with People to promote their Fendi campaign, the sisters explained why they enjoy collaborating.

“Constantly having someone by your side, who is going through the same journey as you, is comforting and so very important,” they said. “Especially when you’re in the limelight and sharing your life with so many people. Having someone there to hold your hand along the way is refreshing.”

The two also spoke to Vogue about how their fashion senses differ.

Halle said, “Our style has always been different from each other because we both have really different body types. For me, I don’t have as many curves; my beautiful sister has an amazing bum. I always try to wear whatever makes me feel comfortable and brings out my petite little curves. I’m always trying to dress up my body in that way. I feel like my sister is really expressive when it comes to her style.”

Chloe explained, “For me, it just depends on the day. Some days I want to feel a lot more edgy and sexy, and other days I want to feel flirty, cute, and cuddly. It really depends on my mood. That’s what being a woman is all about, having different layers to yourself and being able to change — being strong yet delicate at the same time.”


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