WATCH Pamela Anderson’s Son Chase an Alleged Home Intruder with a Golf Club!

Brandon Thomas Lee, the eldest son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, filmed an encounter with a man who allegedly broke into his house.

Monday on Instagram, the 24-year-old posted a shocking clip in which he holds a golf club against a man in front of a white van.

As explained by the caption, Lee claims the man “full on BROKE INTO MY HOUSE and then sneaks up on me in my kitchen, starts screaming at me, and after tries to tell me that he thought I was a lawyer he knew.”

“so I had to show him my good ol 7 iron,” he added.

In the clip, Lee screams at the man, “Man, if you ever come in my ------- house again, I’m gonna beat your ------- skull in. What’s wrong with you? Get the ---- out of here. You ------- just walked in my front door. You don’t even know who the ---- I am.”

When the man explains that he thought Lee was “the lawyer that I know,” Lee replies, “Do I look like a ------ lawyer?”

The man then gets into the van and explains that the supposed lawyer he knows “was there a year ago.”

It is unclear if police were called to the scene.

WATCH the expletive-filled clip HERE.

On Tuesday, Lee made fun of the drama by posting a pic of him and his dog with the caption, “Do I look like a ------- Lawyer?”


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