Georgia Police Chief & Officer Ousted After Racist Remarks Caught on Body Cam
Hamilton Police Department

A police chief and a patrolman for the Hamilton Police Department in Georgia have been ousted from their positions after they were caught making racist remarks on body camera footage.

Last week, Buddy Walker, assistant to Hamilton Mayor Julie Brown, announced that Gene Allmond, the chief of the police department in Hamilton, resigned Monday. Patrolman John Brooks was fired on Tuesday. Reportedly, Brooks offered to resign but was terminated after he failed to return his department-issued equipment on time.

In the shocking video, recorded in June on a body camera that Brooks was wearing, the two law enforcement officers are reportedly discussing a controversial shooting by Atlanta police at the height of the Black Lives Matter protests.

The New York Times adds the conversation was recorded outside of the police department as the two were preparing to patrol a Black Lives Matter rally in Hamilton.

In the clip, posted last week by WTVM, Brooks is heard using the N-word multiple times, including a remark about how he would rather have sex with Mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms than former Georgia House of Representatives Minority Leader Stacey Abrams.

Per WTVM, “Both men can be heard using the N-word.”

The video also shows the two men discussing slavery. While conceding that a lot of the slaves were “mistreated,” Allmond appears to justify slavery by saying slaves were given basic needs.

"For the most part, it seemed to me like they furnished them a house to live in. They furnished them clothes to put on their back,” Allmond is heard saying. “They furnished them food to put on their table and all they had to do was ------- work. And now we give 'em all those things and don't have to ------- work."

According to Hamilton City Attorney Ron Iddins, the city’s body cams were being inspected after they were notified that they did not work. However, upon inspection, the body camera actually had a full memory of video.

Per WTVM, Allmond and Brooks accidentally recorded themselves and were not aware that the body cameras were functioning.

Walker said on Sunday that Brooks was trying to show Allmond how the body cameras worked.

“I’m not sure if he was stupid enough — obviously he was stupid enough — not to know it was still working and that he still had it on,” Walker said in a quote obtained by the New York Times. “The words just rolled out of their mouths. There was no hesitation.”

Per the New York Times, the footage was discovered on Monday by a city employee who had been examining the body cameras. The employee then alerted Walker, who watched it with Hamilton Mayor Pro-Tem Ransom Farley.

“It was disgusting because I had to leave the room… I could and I couldn’t at the same time believe what I heard,” Farley told WTVM.

Walker says the city is searching for Allmond’s replacement.


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