‘Courtside Karen’ Ejected from Lakers Game After Heckling LeBron James

A woman was ejected from the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Atlanta Hawks game after she was seen on video getting into a verbal altercation with Lakers player LeBron James.

In a video of the match, LeBron appears to exchange words with a woman, later identified as Hawks fan Juliana Carlos, who is seen out of her chair with her face mask pulled down.

After the event, both LeBron and Juliana confirmed that James initially got into a war of words with Carlos’ husband, Chris Carlos.

ESPN adds that someone off camera can be heard asking Juliana to put her mask on.

Ultimately, Juliana, Chris, and two other spectators were removed from the game.

In an Instagram Live, Juliana gave her account of the situation, and accuses the basketball star of calling her a “b----.”

"Just got kicked out of the game for talking ---- to LeBron James for talking ---- to my ------- husband," she said.

"Look, let me tell you, LeBron James looked at my husband during the game and cussed him out, and I stood up and I go, 'Don't ------- talk to my husband. Talk to my husband one more time and I will ---- you up.' And then he started fighting with me, he goes, 'Shut your mouth dumb -----.' And I go, 'You shout your ------- mouth -----.’”

After the game, which the Lakers won 107 to 99, LeBron was asked about the incident by reporters. Though he felt the four did not need to be kicked out, he suspects that alcohol may have played a factor in their behavior.

"At the end of the day, I'm happy fans are back in the building," he said. "I miss that interaction. I need that interaction; we as players need that interaction. I don't feel like it was warranted to be kicked out. There was a back-and-forth between two grown men. We said our peace, he said his peace, I said my peace. And then when someone else jumped into it and said their peace, but I didn't think they should've been kicked out."

He continued, "But they might have had a couple drinks, maybe, and they could've probably kept it going and the game wouldn't have been about the game no more, so I think the referees did what they had to do."

That night, he also tweeted about the drama, calling the woman “Courtside Karen.”


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