Gayle King’s Daughter Got Married at Oprah’s House!

Kirby Bumpus and Virgil Miller are husband and wife!

On Monday, O Magazine revealed the exciting news that Gayle King’s daughter Kirby tied the knot last month at godmother Oprah Winfrey’s Santa Barbara-area home.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gayle and Kirby were to forced to plan the nuptials through Zoom.

“It wasn’t the wedding we planned, but it was absolutely perfect,” Gayle, who is the outlet’s editor at large, said.

Not only did Kirby have to do dress fittings through videoconference but her guest list was also limited to Oprah and her boyfriend Stedman, as well as Gayle and her son Will, who officiated.

While photographer Joe Pugliese “doesn’t normally do weddings,” Gayle explained that “Oprah just so happened to be shooting something on her property that got canceled at the last minute, so we lucked out.”

Additionally, Will wasn’t originally going to officiate but was chosen, as he “already had a license after presiding over a friend’s wedding.”

“Nobody knows Kirby the way her brother does, so for him to do the ceremony felt meant to be,” Gayle explained.

On the day of the wedding, Gayle wasn’t able to help Kirby get ready or hug her, which she says was “really tough.”

Despite these obstacles, Kirby and Virgil exchanged vows, and the family celebrated afterward with “socially distant hors d’oeuvres and cake, and socially distant dancing.”

“Kirby really is so happy, and nothing beats when your children are happy,” Gayle added.

On Instagram, Gayle shared pictures of her daughter’s big day, exclaiming, “The day was gorgeous and so was Kirby!”

“I call that perfection,” she said, adding, “Ps anybody have tips on being a good mother-in-law ?? Im all ears and taking notes!”

In February 2019, Kirby announced her engagement, where she showed off her beautiful ring.

Congratulations to Kirby and Virgil on your wedding!


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