Mario Opens Up About Losing His Virginity!

Mario gets real about his first time.

In a candid interview with Page Six published Thursday, the “Let Me Love You” singer revealed he lost his virginity when he was “very young” to his then-girlfriend.

“I won’t tell you the age, but I was very young. My first time having sex is when I fell in love. I was young, though.”

Though he says the experience “was incredible,” he later realized that he wasn’t actually in love with the unnamed woman.

However, things changed when the musician turned 17 and began dating his high school sweetheart.

“I would say 17, that’s when I first felt like I could trust her with everything. We talked about everything. She was my best friend,” the crooner recalled.

“I was in the business, so I didn’t really have real friends and I have been with her beforehand, so she knew me differently. I felt like that was my first time falling in love.”

Of course, Mario has since moved on to Kris Stephens, as the couple went IG official last month.

This month while speaking to Page Six Style, the 34-year-old gave advice on how one should celebrate their partner on Valentine’s Day.

“I will tell guys to play to your strengths and master it. I think a good gift right now is to pay for a whole year of a person’s favorite app. A full tank of gas in the car, a pack of hair, groceries for a couple of days,” he recommended.

“Just find out how to make the person in your life’s [daily routine] a little easier and pleasant while you’re in it.”


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