Kamala Harris’ Workout Goes Viral!

Vice President Kamala Harris continues to stay in tip-top shape!

Over the weekend, a Twitter user shared a video of the former California senator doing a cardio workout where she runs up and down the steps at the Lincoln Memorial.

However, Harris wasn’t working out alone! In the clip, a Secret Service agent was also seen exercising in a full-on suit.

“Get you a VP who works hard for the American people and makes time to get a workout in,” the Twitter user captioned the awesome clip.

While many applauded Harris for her athletic ability, others praised the agent for keeping up with the VP!

“I like watching Kamala work out because it’ll never not be funny to see the secret service guy run the stairs behind her in a suit,” a Twitter user wrote.

“I am weak watching SS run behind Kamala on these stairs,” another commented.

“Imagine being on duty to guard Kamala that day and you gotta run the stairs again like high school sports! I’d QUIT,” another added.

In addition to getting in her steps, Harris was also seen taking a picture with excited fans.

Get it, Kamala!


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