‘1,000-Lb. Sisters’ Star Comes Out as Pansexual!

“1,000-Lb. Sisters” star Tammy Slaton opens up about her sexuality.

In a clip obtained by People, the TLC personality, who is at a restaurant with boyfriend Jerry, her sister Amy, and Amy’s husband Michael, comes out to Jerry as pansexual.

Prior to the reveal, Tammy is noticeably hesitant until Jerry reassures her that she “can tell me anything.”

“It means love is love,” she tells Jerry about her sexuality. “I would date anybody, whether they’re transgender, straight, gay.”

Jerry, who is initially thrown, asks his girlfriend if that means she would date a transgender man.

“Yeah. Or girl. It’s about how they make me feel, not how they look,” Tammy explained.

During a confessional, Tammy says she discovered she was pansexual after talking to a friend.

“I always thought I was bisexual, and then I started talking to one of my friends and she told me she was pansexual, and I asked her kind of what it meant,” Tammy said. “It means you love everybody, not just the same sex. And I was like, ‘Well, I guess I am too,’ because I wouldn’t mind being with someone who’s transgender, or whatever.”

After Tammy explains her feelings, Jerry tells her, “I still love you.”

“I’m still trying to figure out what it means, but I’m OK with it. I love Tammy the way she is,” Jerry says in his own confessional.

After opening up, Tammy says she is “happy because [Jerry] took it pretty well.”

“Acceptance of people’s sexuality is important to me.”

Filmed in Georgia, “1000-Lb. Sisters,” about the lives of Slaton sisters, airs Mondays on TLC.


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