Boosie Doubles Down on Controversial Comments About Lori Harvey

Boosie refuses to apologize for his previous comments about Lori Harvey.

In a new Instagram video posted Wednesday, the rapper defended his remarks about the 24-year-old’s love life made in a recent interview with Vlad TV.

“I wake up to all these Lori Harvey fans on my ass… talkin’ bout’ I’m hating on Lori. Why would I wanna hate on Lori for? I just say y’all got it ------ up saying ‘Let’s go!’ If you sayin’ ‘let’s go’ that means you want your daughter to ---- seven or eight, nine ------ in a couple months… in the industry,” the artist, who reportedly is the father of eight children with six different women, said in the new clip.

The MC appears to reference reports that Harvey, the stepdaughter of Steve Harvey, has been linked to various men in the entertainment industry, including Trey Songz, Future, Lewis Hamilton, Abou “Bu” Thiam, Diddy, and Diddy’s son Justin Combs. She is currently dating actor Michael B. Jordan.

“If that’s cool with you, for your daughter doing that… then I can’t say ----,” he continued. “But what’s wrong with y’all ------------- is… y’all salute the woman who get passed around, but y’all dog the woman who stick by they ----- when they ----- ---- over. Y’all dog the real ------- who stick by they -----, but y’all salute the ------- who go from hand to hand. The world ------ up.”

In his original interview, Boosie said the reported men in Harvey’s relationship history should be applauded, but not Harvey herself.

“I think we need to stop giving the women the power with situations like this,” he said. “Girls keep saying it’s ‘goals’ but this is not goals. We gotta start giving the bachelors, the men, who are running through a beautiful woman like this the credit, who not housing her, running through her.”

“The last time I went to Diddy’s house, him and Bu was together,” he claimed. “They dogs… I know Lori [is] a beautiful woman, but we gotta stop giving the glory to the women. What about the bachelors?… She’s not tied to none of them. What about the Futures? The Trey Songzes? Who are really bending through these ----?… We gotta start giving them the credit instead of Lori.”

Boosie went on to say he would never marry “a woman like that,” but would not rule out sleeping with one.

“I’m just trying to ----… I just want a beautiful, good girl,” he said.

After Boosie’s interview went viral, an overwhelming number of social media users slammed his comments.

“Boosie got 6 baby mothers talkin bout Lori Harvey aint wife material,” one Twitter user wrote.

“lori barely speaks and ------ be having full think pieces on her life choices it’s so funny to me and why tf y’all still getting boosie advice off vladtv????” a commenter said.

“Boosie saying he wouldn't marry Lori Harvey like he would even be an option to her is the most delusional thing I've read all week,” another added.


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