Rapper Laney Keyz’s Home Shooting Caught on Surveillance

Newly surfaced video shows the scary February 18 shooting of Laney Keyz’s house.

On Tuesday, TMZ posted the disturbing surveillance footage that shows three men walking up to what is believed to be the rapper’s Los Angeles home.

In the clip, the men fire several rounds at the residence before they turn around and leave the scene.

Per law enforcement sources, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department found a number of shell casings on the ground from where the shooting was reported. However, as of this writing, they do not know of any possible suspects.

While insiders told TMZ that Keyz was in the house at the time of the shooting, he was not harmed.

The outlet also reports that Keyz moved out of the residence and is at a new place.

In a September interview with Flaunt, the musician discussed his upbringing in Oakland, California.

“Being from Oakland taught you how to be a certain kind of way. It ----- you up because it’ll make you feel a certain type of way towards the world, and you can’t be like that with everybody,” he said.

“You can’t always be defensive, that’s how I am right now. It’s been a difficult transition from being out there to being out here [Los Angeles]. It’s different. When people stare at you, it’s because they want to look at you. Out there if people stare at you, you assume it’s a problem.”

Keyz also described himself as “very introverted,” explaining, “I don’t really like to talk. Even right now, it’s hard. I don’t feel like people understand me, so why bother? That’s really what it is. I don’t feel like explaining myself all the time. I’ll do something, and somebody’s going to want me to explain it.”


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