Amanda Gorman Discusses Future ‘Public Office’ Career!

Amanda Gorman is already gearing up for her 2036 presidential campaign!

In an interview with People published Wednesday, the youth poet laureate — who made headlines for performing at President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ inauguration — discussed her political aspirations.

Though she initially believed her path to presidency would be more “orthodox,” i.e. going to law school, the 22-year-old now realizes that she can begin her political career as a poet.

“When I was at Harvard, I thought I would have to go down this kind of more orthodox path of ‘OK, so I’ll go to law school and then maybe I’ll run for local public office,’” she said.

“Now I realized that perhaps my path will be a different one, that it might be performing my poetry and touching people that way, and then entering public office from a platform that was built off of my beliefs and thoughts and ideas.”

The Harvard graduate also has an impressive network of contacts — including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Oprah Winfrey — who she can rely on for advice.

“I think that will begin with just discussions with them and really absorbing their wisdom and then seeing how I can make that leadership and that path my own,” she said.

Ever since Gorman read her poem “The Hill We Climb” at Biden’s inauguration, many have endorsed the artist as a future leader.

Clinton even tweeted, “Wasn’t @TheAmandaGorman’s poem just stunning?” She’s promised to run for president in 2036 and I for one can’t wait.”

Shortly after her performance made headlines, Gorman appeared on “Good Morning America” and was asked by co-host Robin Roberts if she would consider running for president.

“Yes,” Gorman answered without hesitation.

In late January, Gorman received an “official endorsement” from Ellen DeGeneres during her appearance on “Ellen.”

“I want to be one of the first to give you my official endorsement, DeGeneres said, adding, “We’re behind you 100 percent.”

During the interview, Gorman revealed she had thought about being president ever since she was in sixth grade.

“I had a math teacher who said kind of somewhat jokingly — because I was a very passionate, feisty girl, as I am today — ‘You should run for president,’” Gorman said. “I was like, you know what? That tracks. Let’s put that on the bulletin board for the future.”


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