Girl with Brain Cancer who Received Flowers from Beyoncé Has ‘Days to Live’

Lyric Chanel, the young girl with brain cancer who received flowers and a note from Beyoncé last year, has mere “days to live.”

On Wednesday, Lyric’s Instagram account provided a grim update, sharing a picture of the girl being cradled in a hospital bed.

“Just got news from Dr that Lyric is Dying and only have days to live.... These are the hardest words to have to hear,” the post read.

According to a GoFundMe in 2018, Lyric was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma which the page describes as “a malignant/cancerous tumor that forms when cells in the central nervous system (including the brain and spinal cord) multiply rapidly.”

Throughout the years, Lyrics has undergone multiple operations and chemotherapy treatments for her illness.

In a separate GoFundMe that appears to be created recently, it was reported that Lyric’s mom Monica Valentine received the troubling news on November 27, 2020, that her daughter’s tumor had grown back after a September 10, 2020, surgery.

“On November 27, 2020, Lyric’s mother, Monica Valentine received devastating news during a follow up regarding Lyric’s September 10th brain surgery. Dr. David Sandberg, Pediatric Neurosurgeon in Houston, Texas, did an amazing job by removing more tumor than any other doctor has been able to do for Lyric. Sadly, the tumor grew back just over 2 months later commanding a greater capacity of her brain. It has spread across various parts of Lyric’s brain,” it read.

“Dr. Sandberg has informed us that there is nothing more besides Palliative/Hospice Care that they can offer. They do not have a chemotherapy drug that will treat the Anaplastic Ependymoma Tumor that Lyric has and have predicted a survival rate of less than one year.”

The recent GoFundMe also said Lyric’s parents have not been able to work as they “must provide 24-hour care for her in addition to their other 2 children whom have also been affected by this situation.” At the time of the writing, the organizer said the entire family is living at a hotel.

Last September, Beyoncé sent Lyric a bouquet of flowers and a note after Lyric’s IG posted a throwback video of the girl singing the musician’s 2011 song “Love on Top.”

In her personal note, Bey said she was “moved” to see how her music has inspired Lyric through her health battle.

“Honey, Honey, I can see the stars all the way from here, I can feel the sun whenever you’re near,” Beyoncé began the note, quoting the song’s lyrics. “I was so moved to see how these lyrics inspired you, not nearly as much as you inspired me. I can’t wait to meet you one day and I’m so happy you’re home safely. You are a survivor. God bless, B.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lyric and her family during this difficult time.


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