Two Women Charged After Bath & Body Works Brawl

Two women have been charged after engaging in a fight with numerous employees at a Bath & Body Works in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Over the weekend, Twitter user @gendenslow posted one angle of the fight, which allegedly began after a customer — who is white, was dressed in a black-and-white dress, and was not seen wearing a face mask — stood too close to another customer. The social media user also claims that the woman “pushed many people” and “was loud & uncooperative.”

Though the Twitter user says the store’s staffers tried to de-escalate the situation, the woman reportedly refused to leave.

In another angle, which shows the moments leading up to the fight, the woman wearing a black-and-white dress, along with a woman in a black tube top, get into a verbal altercation with a woman in a white shirt, who TMZ describes as “African-American.”

In one of the clips, the woman in the white shirt refers to the woman in the black-and-white dress as “trailer park trash.”

Later in the clip, the woman in the black tube top throws an item at the woman in the white shirt, which prompts the woman in the black-and-white dress to get physical with a female employee, who appears to block her from the other fight.

Scottsdale Police Department spokesperson Sergeant Kevin Quon later told Fox News that the incident was over someone cutting in line and that it was "not mask- nor race-related."

On Sunday, Scottsdale PD told TMZ that two women were criminally charged in connection to this incident, but would not clarify which ones or what the charges were. However, video shows that both the woman in the black-and-white dress and the woman in the black tube top got physical with multiple employees in the store. Both were eventually asked to leave.

A spokesperson for L Brands, the parent company of Bath & Body Works, told Fox News that it is "deeply concerned by the incident in one of our stores" and that they are "currently investigating the matter in partnership with local law enforcement."


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