Soccer Journalist Crushed by Falling Wall on TV Set
ESPN Colombia

A soccer journalist escapes without injury after he was crushed by a wall on live television.

During Tuesday’s broadcast of “ESPN FC Radio,” ESPN Colombia host Carlos Orduz was blindsided when a piece of the set toppled over and fell on him.

After the shocking incident, one of the other anchors quickly cut to a commercial break.

Early Wednesday, Orduz released a statement on Twitter confirming he is OK after the incident. After receiving medical attention, Orduz says he was not seriously injured and only suffered a bruise and a blow to the nose.

“To those who wrote to me and greeted me about the accident last night, I must tell you that I am fine, thank God after the medical check-up, the respective examinations, any issue was ruled out, only a bruise and a blow to the nose (no fracture). Greetings and thanks,” he wrote via translation.

Orduz also tweeted a video thanking fans for their well-wishes.


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